Thursday, January 9, 2014

Settling In

So, we're slowly figuring out what "normal" looks like here at Hyde Park Gate. Classes have started, so there is now work to be done. But we're still finding time to do some exploring and meet up with old friends. Like Prince Albert.

Thanks for the Christmas tree idea, man. That was awesome.
And the waterfowl at the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens.

And this guy on a horse, who is not anyone in particular but represents . . . ambition. Or something. Mostly it represents (to me, at least) how it must look the split second before you get trampled to death by a horse.

And let us not forget Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria.

Here is one of those fun panoramas of where Victoria is hanging out, which is just in front of Kensington palace at the west end of the park. Please print, wrap into a circle, and place around your head . . . you know the drill.

And last but not least, I spent tonight getting back in touch with two of my very dearest old friends at the Duke of York Theatre. Well, three, if you count the cow-creamer.

Dang, I look cute in this shot. Well selfied, self. 

And I've got to be at the Tower of London at 9:15 tomorrow morning, so here I sign off and go to bed, without further cleverness of any kind, for that rest that does something or other I can't remember just now to the ragged sleeve of care. 

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