Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nothing to Fear But . . .

There's a thunderstorm happening outside.

I'm writing this to help myself calm down so I can sleep . . . school in the morning, and all.

Okay. So I've stated before on this blog that there are three things in life that scare me: heights, needles, and thunderstorms.

The scar on the inside of my right elbow is evidence to my courage in the face of needles. I'm willingly getting stuck with a big fat needle twice a week to help finish off the last of my student loan from London (plastitution at its finest). I hiss when the needle goes in, and I can't look at it, but I can take the stick. I'm brave.

I can manage heights. I think. I'm not called upon to confront them very often. Except ladders. And I can manage ladders okay.

Nearly everything else in the world, I'm not scared of. Spiders? Cute. Dark alleys? Bring 'em on. Bats? Old news. Public speaking? As if. Ticks? Eat 'em for breakfast. I am not the sort of person who has to wander through the world being afraid. I'm big, and confident, and clever, and powerful. I've got this life thing under control.

But I don't have thunderstorms under control.

I've got tears on my cheeks as I type this. Tears. I'm crying. Not dramatically or anything, but . . . I've never cried before. Not even the night this all started. I've jumped, and screamed, and ended up perched on top of furniture . . . I've flinched, and gasped, and cowered. But I've never cried. Why am I crying? I know that the odds of lightning hurting me are astronomical, particularly as I'm writing this from inside a snug and sturdy building. And I know that thunder does nobody any harm whatsoever. I know this. So why am I crying? After two years?

I do not have freakin' PTSD. I know; I Googled it as soon as the tears started. But neither do I have control of this crap.

I used to think maybe I was being reflexively melodramatic, that I was playing up my tendency to jump out of my skin because it made people give me hugs. But why would I do that, when I know that I can just ask for hugs, and usually get them? And who am I showing off to, curled up in my own bed? Did I bring this upon myself, by letting myself gasp all those times? Letting myself shake? And does the fact that I'm blogging about this invalidate my concern that this might not be just a plea for attention?

Blast if I know. Somebody get Freud down here. He'd probably have something entertaining to say about how lightning and thunder are a metaphor for my repressed Electra complex or something. (Electra = electricity? He'd go there. I know he would.)

Okay, I'm cracking jokes now. I must be feeling better. And the rain has stopped, and there hasn't been a strike in the last couple of minutes. I'm off to brush my teeth and see what I can do about sleeping.

Thanks for listening, Internet.

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  1. I find I'm braver as Mono Joëlle with a cabin of 8 year olds who are afraid of a storm than I am as Amanda, home alone during a storm. In that first situation, I don't have an ounce of fear. In the later, I'm terrified.