Monday, December 30, 2013

Plan B

So, plan A (fly free out of Salt Lake) has turned out to be a bust, which is why I'm typing this from my parents' sofa and not from the A line in New York.

It was just one of those things that happen, particularly when you fly standby. However, I rather blamed myself and my mum rather blamed herself and we were both being guilty AT one another, which was uncomfortable. I wrote a whole blog post about it, but then the computer ate it, which actually made me feel better.

And all is well. It really is. I'll be leaving with my dad in a few hours to drive to Denver, where I'll catch a red-eye flight to New York via Boston. So my already elaborate Salt Lake-New York-Dublin-London trip has become an even more elaborate Salt Lake-Denver-Boston-New York-Dublin-London trip, but elaborate is by no means bad. Gives me a chance to see my Denver cousins, who are some of my favorite cousins (sorry, South Carolina cousins; you've been upstaged). And one of the things I was planning to do in New York (visit the UN) turned out to not be selling tickets today, so no loss.

So instead of whinging about the stress of unpredictable travel, I shall include for my first journey photos a picture of my sister and niece, as well as your first view of my spectacular traveling hat:

and one photo of how I slept last night, underneath 67% of my parents' household's cats, namely the Dowager Princess Soxie and the Honorable Miss Pangur Ban:

And you know, all things considered, it is no bad thing to go to sleep covered in cats. 


  1. Spectacular traveling hat is spectacular. Good luck and safe travels!

  2. What time is it? It's adventure time[.]